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Australian blogger Matt Kulesza decided he was going to take 3 years (or however long it takes) to have coffee with each of his Facebook friends (he has 1,088). He started a blog called 1000+ Coffees. I thought that sounded like a fun idea, so I decided to try it. I have 1,070 FB friends scattered around the world, so I won't get to meet everybody, but I am willing to travel reasonable distances...or meet up with you on a trip somewhere. If you are my FB friend and would like to get together, send me a message on FaceBook and let's set something up. I'll use this blog for reports and photos.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Coffee #4 - Jessica Cox

Friends on FB since 2008, 38 mutual friends

 "We laughed, we cried..."

I got my "Outlander" t-shirt in the mail about a week and a half ago, but waited until coffee with Jessica to wear it, because we are both fans of Diana Gabaldon's book, and the STARZ Outlander series and I wanted to surprise her.  (It says "Keep calm and dinna fash, Sassenach") She was surprised when she met me at Peet's Coffee, and said she had almost worn her shirt (which is navy blue), but had a meeting to go to after our coffee.

I can't remember when Jessica has not been a part of our life, at least not since the kids were in high school, if not before.  She is Ned's Phish-concert-attending buddy.

Jessica is this wonderful person who, when our kids died, showed up at our house and became the coordinator of everything.  She made a couple of tragic times a bit less painful.

Today I learned that she has been supervising a senior living facility for the last couple of years, taking care of the couples who live there (the couples have been lifelong friends and built this facility after they became empty nesters so they could take care of each other as they grew older--would that our Pinata group had that idea 20 years ago!.  I actually have been to that facility and interviewed the women a few years ago).  So she understands Atria and my mother and we discussed that.

We also got around to talking about the old Lawsuit days, Dave and Paul and that got us both crying, but we were glad to have shared those memories.

Mostly we were two old friends sharing memories and coffee.  Lovely day.

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